The date of October 6, 2011 will be the appearance of Hope Solo going natural in the ESPN The Magazine’s Body Issue. The people have talked about it for days since the news first went public.

The people have been debating about Hope Solo posing naked in a sports magazine being immoral or not. While others are concentrating on the magazine with Hope Solo in the buff, let us talk about 2011 and the year of Hope (Solo) in America.

The year 2011 has been an exceptionally great one for Hope Solo and the US Women Soccer Team. Hope Solo has continued directly and indirectly the traditions set by Mia Hamm and Julie Foudy in her own way.

Hope Solo is an example of why she and the US Women Soccer Team are big in the year 2011. Hope Solo has explored other worlds outside of US Soccer in the hope that US Soccer and the USA can embrace each other.

Hope Solo has participated in the TV series “Dancing With The Stars” and showed the US the true face of US Soccer. Hope Solo has defended herself in many dance steps and has improved her dancing.

When George Lopez (Comedian) challenged Hope Solo to dunk him in a water tank with the soccer ball, Hope Solo accepted the challenge. The result was an embarrassment for the comedian and a plus for Hope Solo.

Hope Solo when paired with Alex Morgan revealed a relaxed side of the US Women Soccer players. It appears that Hope Solo and Alex Morgan have a great chemistry when promoting US Soccer to the world especially in an ESPN commercial.

Hope Solo was also the subject of a rap by C.J. Sapong of Sporting Kansas City. Hope Solo is a down to earth person who has made our nation proud of its accomplishment within the US Women Soccer Team and the USA.

Hope Solo is also a powerful goalkeeper in the US Women Soccer Team. The majority of times I have seen her perform on TV, she rarely concedes a goal and is very strong deflecting the opponent’s ball from the goal post.

While talking about Hope Solo, I would like to thank her for giving the USA the best in her for us to feel better. I also want to say that because of her professional demeanour, she made the year 2011 a true year of Hope (Solo) for America.