The supporters of various Premier League clubs demonstrated in London against the rising costs of tickets. The demonstrations come in the light of a massive protest in Brazil against the 2014 World Cup.

In the case of Brazil, the protests are aimed against the rise of public transportation and an alleged neglect of basic needs ahead of the World Cup. While change is inevitable and there is a need to adapt, the people have a right to be heard.

It is great for sports fans to unite in defense of their clubs and the right to a reasonable price. It is also great that the people demonstrate for basic needs.

At a time when money appears to rule the world, this is a demonstration that not everything is material. There is nothing better than for a family to enjoy time out for a sporting event without an abuse of high prices.

Another lesson to be learned is that sports are not just about making money, the basic needs have to be met. When there is a lack of basic needs, the events cannot be enjoyed to the fullest.

For those who say that sporting events are about money, money takes a back seat to those who love it. The team’s management and corporate sponsors have enough money to contribute without extracting from the supporters.

It is hoped that a lesson is learned from the London and Brazil protests. The lesson is that money must not be the primary object in sports.