Mark Kirk [Republican from Illinois] and his colleague Dan Coats of Indiana want to remove Russia from the 2014 and 2018 World Cup. The reason is alleged violations of human rights, racism, and hooliganism in the country and Ukraine.

The two politicians went as far as to write a letter to FIFA President Sepp Blatter asking him to ban Russia. How pathetic can these two people be.

Mr. Kirk and Coats think that FIFA and the world will obey their every word and ban Russia from the World Cup. The reality is that like it or not, Russia earned its right to participate in the 2014 World Cup and host the same event in 2018.

Will expelling Russia change its behavior? The answer lies in 1980 when the Summer Olympics in Moscow were boycotted.

The losers were the athletes who spent time practicing only to find out their leaders prohibited them from participating. The winners were the same Russians who were able to stage a successful Summer Olympics more than three decades ago.

When boycotts happen, people defy them and this was the case as souvenir hunters looked for Moscow Olympics souvenirs. I myself did the same thing by writing to radio stations and relatives in Soviet Bloc countries.

Mr. Kirk and Coats should concentrate in improving the conditions of their states and prepare them to host sporting events.