AC Milan condemning Kevin Constant for walking out during a friendly match against Sassuolo highlights racism again. While the two teams were playing, Constant was subjected to racial abuse from the stands.

The response by Constant was to walk out of the pitch and draw condemnation from AC Milan’s CEO Adriano Galliani.  While recognizing that this will not solve the problems of racism, Constant did the right thing.

FIFA and other associations react to racist incidents with condemnations and promises of a solution. At the same time, FIFA President Sepp Blatter states that a player reacting to racism by leaving a match is an act of courage.

The condemnation by AC Milan’s President complicates the matter. The results are mixed signals from the football authorities.

The player is forced to make a decision based on personal instincts of fight or flight. The result is leaving the pitch in response to acts of racism since there is a possible threat.

The presence of mixed signals means that united action is needed with all involved. FIFA, the leagues, the spectators, and security must be involved.

Racism in football has to be identified, attacked, and condemned by those involved in football. It is a cancer that attacks and corrodes the beauty and fundamentals of football.

The theoretical way of dealing with racism in football must be followed by tough action.

The concept of relegation, point demotion, and closed stadiums should be used and enforced. It would hurt the clubs financially and force them to get tough on their racist supporters.

The stadiums should form a system in which people who are tired of racism denounce racist fans. In addition to denouncing racist fans, the security must receive training to expel unruly supporters from the stadium or even jail them.

Referees should be present to expel players and managers who engage in racist practices. Players and Managers should be trained in courses against racism to avoid it.

They must understand that the penalty will be expulsion from a match. The measures must be put in place and enforced as soon as the problem arises.

Racist Chants in European Football You Tube Video Courtesy of TyT Sports.