AC Milan is desperate for a striker within their ranks and their choice is Carlos Tevez. The news was supposedly reported in The Daily Mail and published in Bloomberg.

AC Milan is willing to pay Manchester City $63 Million for Tevez. Inter Milan has also been linked with the possibility of siging Tevez.

My recommendation is that Carlos Tevez should NOT be signed by any club unless the club wants a drama "king".  Tevez is also a player who could turn against any club that signs him in the future.

The best thing that could happen to Carlos Tevez is if FIFA gets it act together and bans him from World Football. Tevez is not worth having around even though he is a great striker.

For those who think that Tevez is receiving too much publicity, I think that Tevez should receive publicity. The reason is that someone in the upper echelon of FIFA, The Premier League, and Manchester City would expel him permanently.