Adnan Januzaj is a rising star in Manchester United under David Moyes. He is the center of a controversy over representing nations during a World Cup.

Januzaj has the opportunity to represent Belgium [the country of his birth], Kosovo [his father’s birthplace], Albania [the ancestral country] and England. The teen may represent Turkey [ancestry] and Serbia.

The teen winger of Old Trafford did the right thing refusing to play for Kosovo against Haiti. The Kosovo national team is not recognized by FIFA since its independence is not recognized.

Serbia, Albania, and Turkey were rejected by Januzaj’s father and manager for the lack of ties. The two nations in the World Cup left for the teen is Belgium and England.

The teen winger managed to impress Old Trafford since his debut against Wigan Athletic. He managed to score three goals within 26 matches played during the current EPL season.

David Moyes is content with Januzaj and the possibilities of playing for England are great. At the same time, it would do injustice to those who have been in England for a long time.

According to the Home Nations Agreement between the nations of Great Britain, preference should be to those with links to the region. The examples are place of birth, parent’s and grandparent’s birth.

While there may be an exception to those who are naturalized British subjects, this is not the case of Januzaj. His presence in Great Britain is brief compared with his time with Anderlecht and F.C. Brussels.

Januzaj has more to offer for Belgium in international competition than to England. The same goals and ability to possess can go a long way for Belgium.

Whatever happened to loyalty to the team of birth? Imagine the reaction in Mexico if Javier [Chicharito] Hernandez were to play for England instead of his country.

This is not the case of money or opportunity when it comes to birth and experience elsewhere. Januzaj can play in any EPL team during their season but should play for his country of birth during international competitions.


You Tube video courtesy of CSKA 4 Ever TV