Andrei Arshavin is expected to return to Zenit St. Petersburg for the next season after his contract with Arsenal. It was thought that Zenit did not want Arshavin and that the latter’s options were limited.

On the other hand, the return of Arshavin to his first club is a winning situation for those involved.

Arshavin signed with Arsenal in 2009 with great expectations after his spell with Zenit St. Petersburg. While Arshavin impressed in the beginning, he eventually was unable to perform to high expectations from Arsenal’s fan base.

The supporters of Arsenal also known as the Gunners were critical of Arshavin. During the last EPL [Premier League] season according to Goal, Arshavin made 11 appearances for the Gunners.

He was loaned to Zenit for six months during this period with the hope of results. The apparent reason might have been that Arsenal had enough of Arshavin.

The conclusion for Arsenal would be that Arshavin may function in his country and team. Zenit’s coach Luciano Spalletti may not be content with Arshavin but others are.

Alexei Miller told The Sun in a h/t to Goal that Arshavin was a product of Zenit St. Petersburg and should retire with them. Miller is the CEO or Chief Executive Officer of Gazprom which owns the club.

In spite of the differences with Russia, Arshavin might return to Zenit for one last season. He may eventually reintegrate with the Russian National Team if they classify for the 2014 World Cup.

After 2014, Arshavin may retire from world football and become Russia’s ambassador to the 2018 World Cup. In this world, anything is possible and Arshavin deserves to be remembered for his legacy in world football.

You Tube video courtesy of Nike Football