Anzhi Makhachkala (the emerging giant in European Football) has expressed an interest in signing Carlos Tevez from Manchester City. The news is currently in the Russian press and in

Anzhi Makhachkala is willing to pay the transfer fees and comply with other personal terms to ease the burden on Manchester City. The idea for Anzhi is to acquire more seasoned players to its roster.

Anzhi has Roberto Carlos and Samuel Eto’o among its ranks. The idea of Tevez signing with Anzhi is a subject discussed in The Premier League Insider.

The team from the United Arab Emirates (Al Wasl) has an interest in Carlos Tevez. Diego Armando Maradona manages Al Wasl and they are willing to spend money on Tevez.

Manchester City does not have to send Tevez to the bench or to the youth camp. The two offers with more money for Manchester City could be beneficial to a club and league tired of the antics of a traitor.

The time has come for Manchester City to make a serious study on the two offers and decide. Carlos Tevez is a liability for Manchester City and the Premier League.

Tevez became a traitor to Manchester City when he refused orders from its coach Roberto Mancini to play in its UEFA Champions League match against Bayern Munich.

The result of the treasonous act committed by Tevez gave Bayern Munich a much-needed victory over Manchester City. What could have happened if Tevez had obeyed Mancini? The answer will be unknown.

The team and the Premier League do not want him and Corinthians (a Brazilian Football Team) closed the doors to Tevez. FIFA has voiced their disapproval of the Tevez’s actions.

The only inconvenience in the case of Anzhi signing Tevez would be his personality. The Russians have already resolved the problem of dealing with difficult personalities.

Terek Grozny (a rival team of Anzhi Makhachkala) fired Ruud Gullit as its coach. The reason was that Gullit was unable to deliver a victory in one of their matches.

Carlos Tevez would make a great addition to Anzhi as a last chance opportunity. Anzhi may try Tevez in its team and monitor his behaviour on the field. Anzhi could report Tevez to FIFA with a recommendation of expulsion from world football if the results are disappointing.