Arsene Wenger (Arsenal Manager) appears to be interested in signing Gabriel Torje for the club. The news has been published in The Mirror and has been the object of comments from football lovers all over the world.

Who is Gabriel Torje and why is he called the Romanian Messi? Torjewas born in Timisoara Romania on November 21 1989.

Torje started his football career at an early age before making his debut with CFR Timisoara. Torje continued his career by playinh as a right midfielder for Politehnica Timisoara and Dinamo Bucuresti before signing with Udinese.

Torje has scored 20 goals within 157 appearances within his professional career with CFR Timisoara, Politehnica Timisoara, and Dinamo Bucuresti. Torje scored 11 goals within 36 appearances with the Romanian NAtional Team.

Mina Rzouki of Football Spy wrote an article about Torje which was published in The Mirror. Rzouki wrote about a scandal in the life of Torje when he sang the anthem of Steua Bucuresti being a member of Dinamo Bucuresti.

Rzouki also wrote about behaviors that would go to excess for Torje. The response is that people are people and that at least Torju is no Tevez.

It remains to be seen whether Torje will be signing for Arsenal in the January Tranfer Window for 2012.