The announcement by Robin Van Persie to not renew his contract with Arsenal FC left club supporters with a bitter taste in the mouth. Many have expressed their disgust with him in the same way that Cleveland/Akron in Ohio did when Le Bron James announced his move to the Miami Heat.

One example of such disgust was published in London 24. In the article, a Gunner [fan of Arsenal FC] deleted Robin Van Persie from his FIFA 12 video game and cursing in the process.

The only crime was Van Persie expressed a desire to win trophies and Arsenal was not delivering. The ideal concept would be for a player to remain with a club in good as well as bad times.

Unfortunatly, the clubs of today and the players are driven by the desire to win and advance at the expense of club loyalty. There are few players who remain in a football club out of loyalty such as Messi with FC Barcelona.

The same applies to the owners and managers with their players and club. They can cancel or decide not to renew a contract if the player is not producing. The owners and managers can also leave clubs as well.

The only thing that should be said is that Van Persie should be allowed to leave if he is not content with Arsenal FC. Arsenal FC survived many years without him or Arsene Wenger and can do so again.

What should be done as a reaction is nothing since Van Persie wanted to leave. A reaction like the one in Cleveland/Akron Ohio when Le Bron James left will further inflame tensions and give Arsenal FC a bad name.

Let Van Persie leave with dignity.