The year 2014 begins with sporting events such as the World Cup and the UEFA Champions League [UCL] among others. Arsenal and Bayern Munich will face each other in the Round of 16 UCL.

The first stage will be played at Emirates Stadium in London, England on February 18, 2014. The second stage will take place at the Alianz Arena in Munich, Germany on March 11, 2014.

What about the two clubs in the current UCL?


Arsenal is enjoying a revival since the beginning of the current UCL and EPL [Premier League] season since the arrival of Mesut Ozil. The Gunners are currently in second place in the League tables and managed to advance in the UCL.

They are currently number six in the UEFA Ranking with defenders such as Wojciech Szczesny, Kieren Gibbs, midfielder Aaron Ramsey, and forward Lucas Poldolski playing major roles. The midfielder Jack Wilshire managed to score two goals within four tournament matches.

In the UCL, the Gunners have for victories and two losses and a desire to maintain momentum. Arsene Wenger is set on winning a trophy for Arsenal to the point that he has not signed any contract renewal.

Nicklas Bendtner proved to be an asset to the Gunners when he scored against Cardiff in the Gunner’s last EPL match. Unfortunately, Arsenal is facing Bayern Munich which is a powerhouse in the Bundesliga.

Bayern Munich

The club is currently in first place in the Bundesliga with 44 points. Bayern Munich is number two in the UEFA Ranking Scale.

It is the current UCL trophy holder with five wins and one loss in the current season. Bayern Munich under current manager Pep Guardiola is playing a proactive football with elements of Tiki Taka imported from FC Barcelona.

The people to watch in Bayern Munich are goalkeeper Manuel Nauer, midfielder Mario Gotze, and defender Philipp Lamm. They [along with defender Philipp Lamm and midfielder Franck Ribery] play the role of protagonist in UCL [and Bundesliga] matches.

Player Statistics

According to the UEFA webpage, comparisons were made between Arsenal and Bayern Munich players. Wilshire and Gotze manage a ratio of 2-3 with regards to scoring goals.

Ramsey and Ribery: 9-13 ratio with regards to attempt on target. Sczcesny and Neuer are tied 17-17 in saves.

Gibbs and Robben have a 2 to 3 ratio in assists.


In spite of efforts by the Gunners to maintain momentum, they will be eliminated with a loss to Bayern Munich. The following prediction for the Round of 16 is:

February 18, 2014

Arsenal 1-2 Bayern Munich with Gotze scoring the two goals compared with one from Ozil.

March 11, 2014

Bayern Munich 3-1 Arsenal with Gotze scoring one goal and Robben scoring two. Wilshere will score the remaining goal for the Gunners.

You Tube video courtesy of The True Brits