Arsenal continues to enjoy a great Premier League [EPL] season after defeating Crystal Palace last weekend. The next opponent is Chelsea in the Capital One Cup and it appears to be a tough match.

Alan Hansen of the Telegraph stated in his last article that Arsenal will not survive at the top of the EPL. Jose Mourinho appears to continue his verbal abuse at Arsenal and its manager Arsene Wenger according to Jim White.

In spite of the apparent hostilities and hype, the time has come for a review of the two clubs.


Arsenal remains in first place [according to ESPN-FC] with 22 points. The Gunners currently have seven wins, one defeat, and one draw.

They have 20 goals for and nine against with a differential of 11 points. Arsenal recently signed Mesut Ozil from Real Madrid which contributed to the club's change of fortunes.

Isaac Hayden is one of the players that may play a prominent role in this match. Wenger selected him secondary to his concentration, consistency, and attention to detail.

The possibility exists that Hayden may play a role as a counterweight to Chelsea's Fernando Torres if the latter participates. Jack Wilshire is another possibility in this match secondary to his multiple positions including those with Ozil and the left flank.

Wilshire can resist the pressure of opposing teams as proved in the club's victories against Sunderland. Ozil may be rested for future matches with the Gunners or used at the last minute.


Chelsea is currently in second place in the EPL with 20 points. The Blue Nation currently have six wins, two draws, and one loss.

Stamford Bridge has 16 goals for and six goals against which results in a differential of 10. The team is beginning to find form under its new manager Jose Mourinho.

Petr Cech may be the principal goalkeeper but expect Mourinho to use younger players in the squad. This is would be in order to rest the more established players.

Bold Predictions

This is expected to be a close and intense match with Wilshire and Hayden facing a younger Chelsea squad, Wilshire and Hayden may each score one goal for the Gunners while the Blues may score one.

Wilshire will score the first goal at the end of the first half. Mourinho will lose his cool and start insulting his opponents and referees. One of the younger generations of Chelsea players will score an equalizer at the beginning of the second half.

The match will be suspense filled until Hayden scores the tie breaker with a header. Torres may be used at the last minute with the possibility of scoring or being a flop. 

Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea


Petr Cech You Tube Video Courtesy of Roberto Alvarez-Galloso