Randy Lerner announced that he is selling Aston Villa after eight years as its owner. The sale comes at a time when the Birmingham based club remained in 15th place with 38 points in the last Premier League season.

Aston Villa managed to save itself from relegation by defeating Hull City on May 3. The club was in 15th place during the 2012/13 EPL season with 41 points.

Lerner [in a statement issued today] said that he is holding talks with the Bank of America Merrill Lynch concerning the transaction. The American owner thanked Aston Villa for the time together and said that the time has come to leave.

When Lerner purchased Villa, he paid £62.6m [$106m] in 2006. The asking price at the present time would be £200m [$338m].

Who are the winners and losers? What other suggestions could come in the future?

Paul Lambert

The most to lose from Lerner’s decision is Paul Lambert who may lose his job as manager.  Lambert has been the subject of verbal abuse from Villa supporters this last season.

At one point, 86% of Villa supporters wanted Lambert fired from their club. While the abuse is not justified, Villa’s record left much to be desired.

Of the 38 matches played, Villa won ten, drew eight, and lost 20. The goals for were 39 and away 61 with a difference of minus 22.

After a disgraceful season, the best Lambert could do is leave and find another job. He should do it before the new owner decides to sack him.

Aston Villa

After two tumultuous seasons, Aston Villa is in need of renewal which may be possible with new faces. A new owner and new manager with the signing of new players this summer could help the situation.

If Villa can manage the transition, the club may ascend within the Premier League. This would help everyone involved including the supporters.

While it is easy to yell at players and managers from the bleachers, I present a challenge. Maybe the supporters could band together and attempt a takeover of the club.

After looking at the potential buyers of Villa in the Birmingham Mail, it is preferable for supporters to own their club. The alternative to Lerner could be Bill Gates or Michael Bloomberg as owners of Villa Park.

The supporters [under a trusteeship] would be responsible for the positives and negatives in their club. They could oversee the signing of players, managers, and staff while maintaining a family friendly venue serving its needs.

Whatever transpires, Aston Villa is about to embark in another chapter of its glorious history.

"Paul Lambert speaks about his future at Aston Villa"  You Tube Video courtesy of Press Association