The Premier League Insider listens to many programs on the internet and radio which spotlights the best of The Premier League. The latest program that has been visited by The Premier League Insider is Red Wednesday.

Red Wednesday is a program of the local radio station BBC Radio Manchester . The program is dedicated to Manchester United and its supporters around the world.

The Premier League Insider took the time around 1800 hours GMT to listen via the Internet. The inside and outside of Manchester United are discussed in the program by its hosts Liam Bradford and David May.

Red Wednesday is an exciting and interactive program for the audience in England and around the world. The BBC Radio Manchester  program lasts one hour and it is worth it.

It is also a sports program that deserves mention for limiting itself to sports without using jokes in poor taste. The listeners can visit the website and send E Mails to Red Wednesday.

The evaluation for Red Wednesday is 9/10

The following information is for those who are interested in sending E Mails, visiting the website or its Twitter and Facebook account.