Ben Eccleston (Liverpool FC Striker) is being investigated by his club for his tweets about 9/11. In the tweets, Eccleston told his followers "don't let the media make u believe that was terrorist that did it #OTIS". The acronym OTIS is for "Only the Illuminati Succeed".

The reports published by BBC Sports went as far as to publish another quote by Eccleston. The quote was an invitation by Eccleston to his followers in Twitter to leave if they do not like the content.

Eccleston has struck a negative chord with his Twitter remarks which are in poor taste. Eccleston added salt to an already open and festering wound by telling people to leave his Twitter account if they disagree.

What has happened in 9/11 is an act of savagery that has changed the world. I can still remember calling my families and friends in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut to make sure everything was great.

I could also remember how people left their work early to pick up their children. Who could not forget the people glued to their television sets and radios to hear the latest 9/11 developments.

Eccleston should be investigated for his comments made in poor taste and disciplined by Liverpool, The Premier League, and any other body governing football/soccer. What can be said about Twitter?

Twitter is one of the most popular social networking sites used by people around the world. Twitter also has the tendency to be abused by people who post comments in poor taste. Twitter has seen its cases of people who put their foot in the mouth.

Alicia Machado (International Star and WAG of MLB personality Bobby Abreu) was forced to close her Twitter account for confusing Korea with China. The reason was the amount of people who (like myself) were laughing to the point of crying.

Liverpool (as well as other teams and leagues) can write rules and regulations governing the use of social media. The rules should include training on the responsible use of social media by sports personalities.

The rules should also include the consequences of violating the responsible use of social media. Regardless of what transpired, I think Eccleston has to be punished for his tweets that leave a sour taste in the hearts, minds, and soul of people.