Diego Armando Maradona has been officially terminated from the Al Wasl Football Club. The breaking news was received from an article in Goal with a h/t to Al Wasl's Twitter account.

The reason for the termination was the poor peformance by the club during its season, the President's Cup and The Emirate Cup. Maradona was hired as Al Wasl's coach [on a two year contract] following his firing secondary to his disastrous performance as Argentina's coach during the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Expectations VS Reality

It appeared that Al Wasl FC and the United Arab Emirates had high expectations of Maradona. Unfortunatly, the former Argentine astro was unable to meet [or exceed] the expectations of Al Wasl and the United Arab Emirates.

While there are players who have completed the transformation from player to coach [Pep Guardiola in FC Barcelona], Maradona has been unable to do it. According to Tim Vickery of BBC Sports, Maradona once coached Club Deportivo Mandiyu and Racing in Argentina with disastrous results in 1994-1995.

The Argentine magazine Perfil published the disastrous record of Maradona in Club Deportivo Manditu and Racing during 1994-1995. Maradona won three, drew 12 and lost eight within 23 matches which equals disaster.

The reality is that Maradona will be remembered for his drugs, egoism, and arrogant attitude towards others. Maradona will be remembered for the Maradonian Church in his honor to reinforce his desire to be a God.

The Future

Maradona may spend his time writing his autobiography and giving interviews to those who support him. He may even make comments in the same vein as Pele concerning future generation of players.

It is a crime that a player like Maradona had potential but threw it away on durgs and politics. Maradona may say the same phrase as his idol in Cuba that he will be absolved by history.

The reality is that history has passed him by as Argentina looks forward to Lionel Messi and not to Maradona. The crash in the United Arab Emirates was well deserved for Maradona.