Carlos Tevez received the news that Manchester City fine him $1.6 Million for breach of conduct during the UEFA Champions League match between Manchester City and Bayern Munich. Tevez responded by threatening to sue Roberto Mancini (Manchester City coach) for defamation of character.

Manchester City appeared to be recovering from its nightmare with Tevez but he will not go away. The nightmare in Manchester City appears to be a Halloween parody in poor taste with Tevez being the Frankenstein monster.

The concept of Tevez launching (or threatening to launch) a law suit against Mancini for defamation of character is dangerous. If Tevez is allowed to initiate a lawsuit to defend his bad behavior and lack of maturity, anarchy can reign in the sports world.

Imagine the idea of a player disobeying a coach and then initiating a lawsuit? Imagine if a player or coach were to sue a referree after a bad call, yellow card, or red card?

The threat by Tevez to launch a lawsuit against Tevez can have a boomerang effect. Tevez may have committed professional suicide.

What club in their right mind would want a player who could turn against them any day or any time? Tevez needs to be banned from World Football as well as FIFA and the Premier League permanently.

The sooner the better.