Carlos Tevez has exposed himself as a traitor and a spoiled brat towards Manchester City and The Premier League. Tevez showed his true colors during the UEFA Champions League match between Bayern Munich and Manchester City.

The result of that match was a shut-out by Bayern Munich 2-0 Manchester City. Carlos Tevez could have helped but refused to go on the field when coach Roberto Mancini told him to do so.

Carlos Tevez could have made a difference but his spoiled brat attitude (not playing earlier) is costing him dearly. Mancini says that Tevez is no longer needed because of insubordination.

The actions of Tevez may also hurt him legally since Manchester City could terminate him for breach of contract. I do not know what will happen but I am in agreement with Mancini about Tevez.

Tevez has done a lot of harm to his team with his actions and has used what little goodwill he had. The best thing for Manchester City to do is to fire him without or with minimal compensation.

I would have gone further by banning Tevez permanently from football