Carlos Tevez stabbed Manchester City in the back again after not appearing for training today. The news as reported by Sky Sports News [and published in Goal]has Tevez in Argentina instead of England where he was supposed to be in training.

Tevez was supposed to have been in the field practicing but went to Argentina without consulting with the Manchester City management. The spectacle of Tevez in Argentina was played out with his interview on television in Ezeiza Airport in Buenos Aires.

What is the opinion of the PFA (Professional Footballer's Association) that defended Tevez and asked Manchester City to reduce the traitor's punishment? What can Manchester City do with the latest treason committed against it?

The PFA has lost all credibility with Tevez going to Argentina without permission of Manchester City. The PFA (if it can do so) should reverse itself on Tevez and quit defending him.

Manchester City should find a way to transfer Tevez to another team even if it means losing money. The only three exits for Manchester City is the following:

1. Permanent Ban from the Premier League

2. Permanent Ban from World Football (FIFA)

3. A one way ticket to Anzhi Makhachkala since Suleiman Kerymov is willing to pay money for more players.