Carlos Tevez plans to end his strike against Manchester City after various clubs refuse to buy him. The news was reported in The Guardian as Manchester City prepared to start legal action against the player.

Kia Joorabchian (Tevez's agent) declared this in an interview with Talk Sport published in The Guardian. Joorabchian continued to say that Tevez left for Argentina because of his discrepancies with Roberto Mancini (Manchester Cityu manager).

Joorabchian criticized the leadership of Roberto Mancini over Manchester City and defended the treason of his client. Who cannot forget that Tevez did not want to play in the UEFA Champions League match between Manchester City and FC Bayern Munich?

Who cannot forget how Tevez could have resolved his problems amicably but chose instead to fly to Argentina and go on strike? The blame belongs to Tevez and the people who surround him.

What Tevez has done has no defense and goes by one name: treason.  The solution for Tevez would be to leave world football or have FIFA expel him from the sport.

It would be a great end to a drama that has gone too far and is not helping anyone in the process.