The Cascadia Cup is a memorable event within Major League Soccer [MLS]. Before continuing with the Cascadia Cup, Cascadia must be defined for the general public.

Cascadia is another name for the Pacific Northwest region in Canada and the United States. Cascadia consists of Washington State, Oregon, and British Columbia.

The three MLS Teams that participate in this event are the Seattle Sounders, Portland Timbers, and Vancouver Whitecaps. The Cascadia Cup was founded in 1975 by the three teams with the intention of promoting world football culture in the region.

In the first match, Seattle reportedly defeated Portland while the latter claimed victory. The event and rivalry continued to evolve with time.

Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver were initially part of the NASL or North American Soccer League. The three later joined the USL or United Soccer League followed by the MLS.

According to Sports Illustrated, the Cascadia Cup trophy was born in 2004 by the three team supporters.

According to the rules published in the Cascadia Cup webpage, the 9 MLS matches between the three teams are part of the event. In case of a win, the team receives three points compared to one point in a draw.

The team that accumulates the most points wins the Cascadia Cup. In case of a draw, a goal differential and number of points accumulated are taken into account.

Each team won the Cascadia Cup three times and the current champion is Portland. They won by defeating the Vancouver Whitecaps with a 35 yard goal by its Captain and Midfielder Jack Jewsbury.

The Cascadia Cup recently was in the news since the MLS attempted to use it as its USA and Canadian trademark. The MLS expressed that they were worried about exploitation outside of North America.

The supporters of Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver protested to the MLS. The alleged reason and fear was that the MLS may want to monopolize the cup.

It remains to be seen how this will resolve itself.

Vancouver Whitecaps vs. Portland Timbers Cascadia Cup Final You Tube video courtesy of the MLS.