Larkhall Athletic FC manager Wayne Thorne recovered [apparently] from a medically induced coma. According to a report in the Bath Chronicle with a h/t to Who Ate All The Pies, Thorne recovered after receiving news from his brother of Larkhall Athletic’s victory in a match.

Thorne’s coma was medically induced during surgery secondary to multiple fractures from an automobile accident. While in coma, Thorne’s brother informed him of Larkhall’s victory and the manager’s eye opened.

After his recovery, Thorne thanked his well-wishers for their support in this moment of time. At a time when people undergoing this procedure after a shocking accident are no expected to recover, the following news proves that nothing is impossible.

Football or any sports may be the cure that helps hospitalized patients in their recovery.  My personal experience serves as testimony to how this is possible.

A decade ago, I was hospitalized for a life threatening angioneurotic edema. This edema threatened to absorb my vocal cords and could have killed me.

During my hospitalization, I was closely monitored by the medical and nursing staff in intensive care. My family visits were limited and it appeared that there was nothing that could be done except stabilization.

One night with no visitors and feeling lonely, I turned on the TV set. For one moment, I forgot everything while watching a match between Chelsea FC and Manchester United.

I cannot remember where they played or the details of the defense and midfield. I just simply remember enjoying the moment when David Beckham and Frank Lampard gave their best.

After the match, I went to sleep and woke up miraculously cured. The medical and nursing staff were amazed that my discharge from the hospital was sooner than expected.

While supporting La Liga, I added the Premier League as another group to admire. Eventually, Chelsea became one of my favorite teams secondary to this miraculous cure.

While it is necessary to take care of myself, gratitude is part of the treatment. The Premier League especially Chelsea will always receive my gratitude [regardless of any status change] for that magic moment when all appeared lost.

Chelsea in America You Tube video courtesy of Chelsea FC