Andres Villas-Boas recently received a visit from Roman Abramovich who is the owner of Chelsea FC. While Villas-Boas is playing down the visit as a routine one, it appears that there are problems with Chelsea FC.

The problems have their root in Villas-Boas being selected as Manager of Chelsea FC with very high expectations which failed. At the present time, Villas-Boas is conceding that Chelsea can only aspire to finish fourth place in the Premier League.

Villas-Boas admitted that Chelsea FC could only hope to advance in the UEFA Champions League and the FA Cup. It is hoped that Chelsea could win or advance in either tournament or the doubts will be entertained.

The doubts will also be accompanied by a nostalgia for the period when Jose Mourinho was Manager of the Blue Nation. Mourinho appears to be stroking the nostalgia as he entertains thoughts of a return to the Premier League.

The response of Villas-Boas to Mourinho is to tell him to forget about Chelsea. The comments by the embattled Chelsea Manager does not hold back the supporters of Mourinho in Chelsea.

What can be said about Chelsea under Villas-Boas and Mourinho? The online magazine Goal published statistics of Villas-Boas and Mourinho based on the first season of both until the date of February 10.


Villas-Boas (from 2011- February 10, 2012) has the following: 35 matches with 17 victories, 11 drawn, and seven losses. The result of is a 48.6% win for Chelsea under Villas-Boas.

Villas-Boas had the disadvantage of Fernando Torres who has not helped the equation. He has had to deal with players such as Lampard and Ruiz as well.


Mourinho (from 2004 to February 10, 2005) has the following: 39 matches with 29 victories, eight drawn, and two losses. The result is a 74.4% win for Chelsea under Mourinho.

It appears that Mourinho appeared to have had a golden era with Didier Drogba and Ricardo Carvalho. The question is could it be duplicated with an owner who wants wins?