Chelsea defeated Manchester United in the FA Cup Quarter-Final replay match. It was a match with Demba Ba scoring in the second half.

The Blues will face Manchester City in the FA Cup Semifinals within 13 days. What can Chelsea do to win the semifinals and the FA Cup?

Who will win in the battle between Manchester City and the Blue Nation?

If Chelsea wants to win the FA Cup, it must continue the methods used against Manchester United. The Blues appeared to forget their internal divisions while at Stamford Bridge.

They played a football that was continuous, consistent, and disciplined. Cech and Ba are examples of how Chelsea played.

Ba was able to look at the goal post and score at the corner in the top left. While Chicharito Hernandez attempted to score an equalizer for Manchester United, Goalkeeper Petr Cech blocked it.

The Blue Nations’ cause for the FA Cup was helped with Fernando Torres substituting Ba within the last two minutes. Torres benched until the last few minutes were necessary since his play tends to be erratic.

In addition to consistency and discipline, Chelsea has to reinforce all fronts in its team. Chelsea must prep itself psychologically for a win by downplaying differences in public.

The people who support Chelsea should continue to do so in spite of differences with the manager. According to Chelsea Midfielder John Mikel-Obi, the team is not helped with supporters chanting against the manager and team.

Maybe Chelsea should adopt as an anthem the rock song interpreted by Queen. The song “We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions” served as a stimulus in the Miami FC vs Charleston Rocket match two and a half years ago.

I personally saw how the song inspired Miami FC [now the Fort Lauderdale Strikers] to turn a scoreless match into one with two goals. The result was a victory for the Miami FC.

No team should ever be underestimated as Manchester United learned from its recent FA Cup loss. Manchester City is a team whose videos should be reviewed and studied by Chelsea in order to win.

Manchester City has Carlos Tevez yet Chelsea can use Samir Nasri to their advantage. Manchester City coach Roberto Mancini was disappointed in Nasri’s inconsistency during their match against Newcastle.

Mancini complained about Nasri’s brilliance within one match and bad attitude in others. Chelsea has the power within itself to win the FA Cup. Let’s do it.

Petr Cech You Tube Video courtesy of Roberto Alvarez-Galloso