Chelsea FC supporters started an online petition on The purpose is to force Roman Abramovich to fire Rafa Benitez as Interim Manager.

The petition needs 2,500 signatures in order for Abramovich to make a move. At the present time, there are almost 2,000 signatures.

The petition and the news were appreciated in an article written by David Kent. The article was published in The Daily Mail.

The reasons were the following:

  1. The club’s loss to the Corinthians of Brazil at the FIFA World Club Cup as reported by the BBC.
  2. The elimination of the Blue Nation from the Capital One Cup.
  3. The current record of Chelsea with regard to the 2012/13 Premier League.
  4. The irregular plays during matches

The same article reported that John Terry could be a great manager for Chelsea. The idea was based on declarations by Benitez.

The reasons for Terry as Chelsea manager [according to Benitez] was his knowledge of football and positive rapport with the players. What can be said about the current state of Chelsea?

Chelsea’s loss at the FIFA World Club Cup and Capital One Cup is a disgrace. The same applies to the plays during matches according to The Daily Mail.

Benitez appears to blame Gary Cahill and Fernando Torres for what transpired at the FIFA World Club Cup. Benitez said that Torres missed three opportunities to score even when close to the goal post.

Benitez made the same comments concerning Cahill. What about the 2012/13 Premier League standings for Chelsea?

They are currently in third place with 45 points with 13 wins, six draws, and four losses in the EPL. Chelsea’s Goal Differential is 25 with 47 Goals For and 22 Goals Against.

What can be said about Chelsea FC?

  1. The Blue Nation is currently in a state of instability with the manager, owner, players, and supporters.
  2. It appears that Benitez was never popular from the beginning because of his links with Liverpool FC.
  3. Fernando Torres is the WORST investment for Chelsea.
  4. The options for manager are limited for The Blue Nation especially since Pep Guardiola chose Bayern Munich over Chelsea.

What are the solutions for Chelsea FC?

  1. The state of instability will hurt Chelsea in the long run. No club can function effectively with so much friction between the parties involved. The parties involved must accept blame for what is happening.
  2. If the supporters do not want Benitez as manager, he should leave after the current season. If any supporter of Chelsea FC thinks a petition to remove Benitez is warranted, go ahead and sign it.
  3. Fernando Torres must leave Chelsea FC and go to Atletico Madrid or Anzhi Makhachkala for the good of the club. The same should apply to other players in a total revamping of the club.
  4. John Terry should be given a full term appointment as Chelsea manager and receive the flexibility denied previous managers.
  5. Abramovich should not be too demanding of managers and players. He should simply ask for great performance with good results.

Chelsea FC may be suffering from its current problems but it will survive. The rest depends on those involved in this never ending soap opera.

Benitez on Swansea courtesy of Chelsea FC You Tube