Chelsea FC warned its fans that it will face consequences if flares are used in the match against Swansea. According to The Daily Mail, there will be dogs at Stamford Bridge sniffing fans for flares.

The consequences range from being arrested to being expelled permanently from the matches. The Blue Nation deserves high marks for its stand against use of flares by fans.

The recent events in the match between Chelsea and Southampton was marred by use of flares. During the Manchester Derby between United and City, the use of flares was prevalent.

At one point, a coin was thrown and hit Rio Ferdinand above the eye. If the coin had landed on Ferdinand's eye, the results would have been devastating.

The use of flares and coins affect the ability of players to concentrate during a match. At the same time, the people in the stands cannot enjoy the match.

There are people in the general public who may have an allergic reaction to the ingredients in a flare. The referees who are the most abused professionals in football are unable to concentrate and make decisions with the presence of flare and coins.

Chelsea FC does the right thing in taking a tough love stance with its supporters. The supporters have a responsibility to denounce those engaged in flare and coin throwing.

The Premier League Insider wishes Chelsea FC the best in its effort to promote clean football fun.