The Premier League Insider talked about the possibility of Anelka (Chelsea) moving to Russia from England in January 2012. We are going to concentrate on the pros and cons of such a move for Anelka.


Anelka is already over 30 years old and Villas-Boas (the coach) and Abramovich (the owner) is contemplating a generational shift. The changes in Chelsea would not benefit Anelka. What about Russia?

The Russians want players over 30 to train the younger generation. The purpose is for a new generation (in their 20's) to begin playing in the Russian Premier League and Russia. We must remember that Russia is hosting the 2018 FIFA World Cup and the country wants to be a powerhouse in world football.

The Russians want to become a powerhouse in European Football matches such as the UEFA Champions League and Europa Cup.


Russia is one of the countries affected by racism  and hooliganism in world football stadiums. The match between Zenit St. Petersburg and Anzhi Makhachkala was marred with violence which resulted in police intervention.

Roberto Carlos was once the object of a racial insult during the match between Anzhi and another team. A supporter of the opposing team threw a banana peel in his direction which is a racial epithet.

Anelka (who is being sought by Anzhi Makhachkala and Terek Grozny) might as well read what happened to Ruud Gullit. Ruud Gullit was coach of Terek Grozny whose owner is also the leader of Chechenya in Russia.

Gullit was removed as coach of Terek Grozny after the team lost to Amkar Perm. The owner of Terek Grozny accused Gullit of an unhealthy obsession with bars and discotheques.

The real reason might have been a personality clash even though there is an apparent denial.


Anelka should think about what he wants to do with his career before moving to Russia.