Manchester United seems to advancing well under the leadership of Louis Van Gaal as seen in the Guiness International Champions Cup. The only exception to the rule is Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez whose future remains uncertain.

While Van Gaal praised Shinji Kagawa, he remained silent about the future of Hernandez, In one match, Hernandez remained benched [as in previous occasions] only to be used within the last minutes.

The transfer rumois have Hernandez being scouted by Atletico Madrid, Inter Milan, and Southampton which is offering $25m to sign him. The future for Hernandez is not in United but elsewhere in the EPL, Spain, or Italy.

The time spent in the benches could be time spent playing a prominent role in matches. Hernandez could also benefit from a manager who will take into account his potential instead of allowing him to lag in the background.

He could take advantage of opportunities in those clubs while there are opportunities. The sooner Hernandez defines his future and leaves Manchester United the better.