Aston Villa received a jolt of lightning when its striker Christian Benteke requested to leave the club as reported in The Guardian. Benteke was the backbone of the club during the 2012/13 Premier League [EPL] season.

Benteke is a striker who scored 23 goals within 39 appearances for Aston Villa. He is the architect of 49% of the goals for Villa according to an article published in The Guardian.

Aston Villa set the price of £25m or $37m in the release clause of his contract. Regardless, it appears that Benteke is not content at Villa.

At the same time, the Tottenham Hotspur is expressing an interest in Benteke. What is the personal reflection about Benteke, the Spurs, and Aston Villa?

The Spurs are in need of younger players such as Benteke who can score goals without assistance. Benteke is 22 years old and can serve as a striker without the need of assistance from other players.

The club at White House Lane will play in the UEFA Europa League qualifiers for the 2013/13 season. The Spurs ended the 2012/13 EPL season in fifth place with 72 points. They won 21 of the 38 matches played with a goal differential of 20.

Aston Villa emerged from the same season in 15th place with 41 points and a minus 22 goal differential. It may be certain that Benteke was thinking about UEFA when he requested to leave Villa.

In addition to UEFA, Benteke may be thinking about the clubs [such as The Spurs] in the upper EPL. Benteke may be the center in a benevolent club but it appears that he wants opportunities unavailable at Villa.

It is also sad that Aston Villa deposited all of their hopes and ambitions on one person. Unfortunately, the sports world revolves around money and opportunities.

The best thing for Aston Villa would be to allow Benteke to sign with the Spurs. Villa can learn the lesson that financial ties may be stronger than emotional in sports.

Benteke may prosper with the Spurs but he should learn that he can be criticized like Torres is in Chelsea. It remains to be seen how this scenario between Benteke, the Spurs, and Aston Villa will play out.