Cristiano Ronaldo may be thinking of his immediate and distant future. The thinking may be based on the possibility of Jose Mourinho leaving Real Madrid after the current season.

It can be based as well on the recent victory by Lionel Messi with the Ballon D'Or. While Ronaldo may deny a rivalry with Messi, the comparisons of the two in the Spanish Press does not help the situation.

What is the next step for Cristiano Ronaldo in the immediate future? The possibility of a return to Old Trafford.

The Mirror recently published an article about Ronaldo and Manchester United. Ronaldo admitted his love, admiration, and gratitude for Manchester United where he played before going to Spain.

The article in The Mirror written by Richard Arrowsmith states that Ronaldo wants to return to Old Trafford. The idea of Ronaldo returning to Manchester United is a great one but with certain flaws.

A return to Manchester United would not be possible for the following reasons.


Ronaldo is currently under contract with Real Madrid until the 2015 or 2016.

UEFA Financial Fair Play

The period in which Ronaldo signed with Real Madrid was before the UEFA Financial Fair Play. Any deals between Manchester United and Real Madrid concerning Ronaldo may be scrutinized under this law approved by UEFA.

The Glazers

The Glazers who own Manchester United and are virtual dictators may have the ultimate say. The Glazers may want to spend less money on other players than Ronaldo

Star Power

Ronaldo would have to compete with Javier Hernandez, David De Gea, and Robin Van Persie. While Sir Alex Ferguson may have to make changes to the roster, it is still a star studded world at Old Trafford.


Ronaldo may be commenting about Manchester United because of the need for attention. In June 2012, Ronaldo insisted that he loves Real Madrid and will remain with the club.


What is your opinion? Will Ronaldo stay at Madrid or go to Manchester?

Cristiano Ronaldo Video courtesy of Kick TV