The Group D Match between CSKA Moscow and Manchester City in Russia ended in a victory for the latter. The celebration did not last long as City midfielder Yaya Toure declared in a press conference that he was a victim of racism during the match.

According to Toure, the CSKA Moscow supporters did monkey chants in his presence during the match. CSKA Moscow has denied that its supporters engaged in acts of racism against Toure or other players.

Manchester City has lodged an official complaint to UEFA against CSKA Moscow. The Independent reported that UEFA will investigate CSKA Moscow for the alleged racist chants of their fans towards Toure.

While I am trying to find a video which depicts such attack against Toure, it should be reminded that there are some racists in Russia. The same applies in different areas of the world since racism is a cancer.

Racism symbolizes hatred and destroys a sport that is intended to be entertaining for everyone. It hurts everyone involved in the match except for the perpetrators of racist acts.

It is for this reason that UEFA and other organizations must take a stand against this cancer. At the same time, there should be proof that such an act was committed during an investigation in order to determine the punishment.

After all, a person or group is innocent until proven guilty. Regardless of the outcome, it is hoped that Russia may learn a lesson from this incident.

Russia is going to host the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics and 2018 FIFA World Cup and all eyes will be there. It has to think of its world image as a sports destination and host by identifying and punishing those who seek to damage Russia via acts of racism.

The West can learn from this incident as well. Do not make accusations if there are no facts to support them.

The end result could be that when something real happens, no one will believe until it is too late.


Yaya On Racism You Tube Video courtesy of Manchester City FC