David De Gea (Manchester United) was caught shoplifting a donut at a local supermarket in Manchester, England. The news of the incident was reported in the online magazine Goal.com.

De Gea was at a donut shop (with its open display of the morsel) at the local supermarket. De Gea ate a donut and proceeded to leave the store when he was questioned by the security in the supermarket.

De Gea was taken to the strip and search room of the supermarket and was searched in case of any more hidden goodies. De Gea was then let off with a warning iinstead of fines or a brief stint in jail.

De Gea was embarassed at the whole situation and I personally do not know the reason. I can say something about this incident.

While no one can make judgement calls on people, an athlete is a person who needs to set an example. De Gea and his donut incident and Carlos Tevez with his treason against Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini.

An athlete should also be punished just like otheers who toil day and night. If De Gea would have done this in the USA, he would have been fined, jailed, and made to do community service depending on the severity of the nature of his crime.

It is hoped that De Gea learned his lesson.