The online magazine Soccernews published an article titled "Are Players Like Anelka Admitting They Are Finished By Moving To China?". The article is in reference to the recent signing of Didier Drogba with the Shanghai Shenhua.

The article discussed the age and opportunities Drogba might have had with European or American World Football. The author also insinuated that when a player sacrifices his or her career when signing with a Chinese team.

The article went further by talking about the European or North American leagues being superior to the Chinese Leagues. The decision was made (after reading the article) to comment on Drogba signing with Shanghai Shenhua.

While China has not received the publicity that the US and Europe have, many of their teams are in the same league as Europe and North America. During my trip to China (in the heyday of the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics), I saw youths play world football with a ferocity that could surprise Lionel Messi.

China (like the USA) is destined to be the World Football Powerhouse with FC Barcelona and Real Madrid playing friendly matches. I can only imagine that Shanghai Shenhua would like Drogba in the same reason why Anzhi Makhachkala would.

Drogba could train a new generation of Chinese World Football Players in the same way as Russia and the USA. I personally could care less if it was the money, Drogba has the right to play in a league in China.