England and Honduras finally faced each other in front of 45,379 people at Sun Life Stadium in Miami, Florida. It was not an easy match for both teams as the tempo was tense, assertive, and both teams almost scoring.

The excitement was briefly interrupted for 30 minutes by thunder and lightning yet both teams wanted to continue. In the attempts to score, mistakes were made by England and Honduras.

Both teams allowed their emotions to dominate their participation in the match. There were clashes with some members falling to the ground after accidentally tripping each other.

There was one incident of a both players clashing against each other accidentally in the head. It seemed both teams wanted to score but were unable to do so.

The result was Brayan Beckeles being sent off after receiving a second yellow card in the match. Luis Garrido, Emilio Izaguirre, and Victor Bermudez of Honduras were admonished for misconduct on the field.

It was England’s turn to be admonished after Adam Lallana, Leighton Baines, and Gary Cahill received yellow cards. In spite of a goalless draw, the match was exciting and the fans went wild singing songs and enjoying the rain.

Sun Life Stadium appeared to resemble a stadium in England with the nation’s flags and traditions predominant in the field. Honduras [although a minority] responded as well.

In the end, England and Honduras settled for a goalless match.

After the match, Luis Fernando Suarez [Honduras Manager] held a press conference. TPLI asked him what lessons were learned in Miami that could be applied to the World Cup in Brazil 2014.

Suarez replied that with Turkey and Israel, Honduras could have received better results. The match against England [according to Suarez] was better for Honduras although it was a scoreless draw and there is a need for continual improvement.

TPLI congratulated Honduras on its performance in their match against England. An attempt was made to interview the English team but this was impossible due to unforeseen circumstances.