England and Germany are discussing deals for both countries to host the Euros. According to an article in The Guardian [with h/t in German Media], England will host the 2020 and 2028 Euros while Germany will have the honors in 2024.

The idea of England hosting the Euros is excellent since the country is the birthplace of football and hosted the 1966 World Cup. The history of English Football is one of the most interesting in the world with clubs such as Chelsea, Manchester United, and Scarborough.

England is the home of such greats as David Beckham, Wayne Rooney, and Rio Ferdinand who are now world institutions. England hosting the Euros would be witness to a sense of justice after being bypassed by FIFA in favor of Russia in 2018.

The sense of justice would be appreciated since England announced that they will no longer bid to be World Cup hosts until there is a change in FIFA. England has the infrastructure necessary such as hotels, restaurants, transportation, sanitation, electricity, and stadiums which could be visited by tourists.

Football supporters can visit other areas of England which includes castles, museums, and other places if they want to. The issue of hooliganism in England is under control compared to other countries such as Russia as per The Guardian.

According to an article by Sean Ingle of the same magazine, arrests related to football hooligans was 4% during the 2012/13 season. The majority of the people are nice and friendly with the desire to help tourists and this was personal experience.

The list could continue but the time has come for England to host at least the UEFA Euros or other tournaments related to the European Football body.


You Tube Video courtesy of England National Football Team