FA [Football Association] President Greg Dyke announced in a press conference that England will not bid for a World Cup until FIFA President Sepp Blatter steps down. James Master reported this latest England vs FIFA/Blatter fight in The Times.

If this information is verified, Dyke and the FA deserve our support in their decision to stand up to Blatter and his government within FIFA. There is too much evidence of corruption in the decision to award the 2022 World Cup to Qatar. 

In addition, Blatter antagonized certain members of FIFA with his accusations of racism which divide instead of unite nations. England, America, and Australia among other nations cannot stand a chance of hosting a World Cup in a supposedly rigged election with a supposedly biased President.

The time has come to unite with England and do the same thing until Blatter decides to leave office or is defeated in the next FIFA Election. This is only the beginning but England is showing the world the way in standing up to potential dictators in the sports world. 


You Tube Video courtesy of KTN Kenya.