England and Costa Rica face each other in their last Group Match with the Central American country already in the next round. Regardless of a win, draw, or loss, England will be returning home.

Roy Hodgson was criticized for bringing youth into the World Cup and this is unwarranted. Hodgson is preparing the Three Lions for a new chapter in football and this can serve as a lesson.

The participants in the World Cup can use this experience to prepare for the 2018 World Cup in Russia. With practice in the Euros and the Premier League [EPL], the squad members’ talents can evolve with England eventually going to Russia.

If there were errors, they were in underestimating the teams such as Costa Rica, Uruguay, and Italy. While covering the England vs Honduras match, I heard some tourists from England comment about Brazil and Miami being the same in heat and humidity.

Let us briefly discuss the three teams and the humidity.

Costa Rica was a formidable team with talent such as Bryan Ruiz. Ruiz was able to stun Italy with his goal towards the backpost close to the crossbar.

No one thought of Costa Rica advancing in the World Cup and leaving the Group. Yet it happened.

The Three Lions were not helped when Luis Suarez scored two goals for Uruguay. It appeared that Suarez wanted to prove to England why he is one of the greatest.

The heat in the match against Italy did not help England in Manaus. Italy was able to defend itself given previous experience in Brazil.

I remember hearing tourists from England at Bal Harbour, Florida talk about Miami and Manaus. They rambled about Miami and Manaus having the same heat and humidity.

While the tourists and squad are opposites, the weather should never be underestimated. The humidity in Manaus is stronger and thicker than in Miami.

What can the Three Lions do in Brazil after their World Cup disaster? They should play the match and go out in glory by giving the best performance ever.

This can be done with possession and attack mode along with a strong defense and midfield. The rest can be left to their creativity.

I want to thank the English for their amicability while they visited Miami and it is my hope that they return and visit. My best wishes for my readers in England now and always from Miami, Florida.