Italy defeating Germany in the Euro 2012 Semifinals should be a cause for celebration. The Italian Sport magazine Tuttosport decided to minimize Mario Balotelli's two goals with its cover that denigrates him on the basis of skin color.

The offending magazine and its action was reported by Tom Kington of The Guardian which is a British newspaper. The Guardian reported that Tuttosport has NOT apologized for its racial slur against Balotelli.

In light of this matter, The Premier League Insider would like to reiterate its condemnation of racism in football. The condemnation includes those who write articles or work in sports magazines and other media.

It is people like Tuttosport that must apologize or receive condemnation until there is a formal apology or until it is folded. The ball is in the court of Tuttosport to make amends for Balotelli if it wants to participate in football as well as other sports.

This is not an argument for political correctness. Instead, it is an argument for the promotion of objectivity and decency in the world of sports writing.