Andrei Arshavin wrote in his webpage that Fabio
Capello is the new coach of the Russian National Football Team. At the same
time, the Russian Football Union (in a declaration published in ESPN UK) states
that they will announce who will be the coach next week.

While Capello received criticism and was forced out of
his job as England’s coach, it appears that Russia may select him. The reports
written in the online magazines RT, RIA Novosti attest to that.

Capello deserves to be coach of the Russian National
Football team on the basis of his experience. According to the FIFA webpage,
Capello coached teams such as Real Madrid, Juventus, Roma, and AC Milan before
moving to England.

During his period as coach of the English National
Football Team from 2007 until 2012, Capello had an impressive record that
overshadows the reason for his termination. The numbers are always present and
serve as testimony until another coach breaks the barriers set by Capello.

According to the BBC Sports website, Capello won 66.7%
of the 42 matches played while coaching England. The percentage of matches won
by Capello outnumbers the percentages by Glenn Hoddle (60%), Sven
Goran-Eriksson (59.7%), Steve Mc Claren (50%), Terry Venables (47.8%), and
Kevin Keegan (38.9).

Capello´s English team scored 89 goals, conceded 36,
and had 16 clean sheets according to the above website. The achievement that
was rarely publicized but found in the BBC was overall pass completion by
England which was 83%.

In addition to statistics to support the reason why
Capello would do great as Russia´s coach, he is loyal to his team. According to
an article published in RIA Novosti, Capello stated that he will live in Russia
if he is selected as coach of the national team.

The decision by Capello is a far cry from Guus Hiddink
and Dick Advocaat when the latters were coach. During the era of Hiddink and
Advocaat, both coaches would go to Russia for the matches and training and
leave afterwards.

The last reason is that Capello will do well in a
Russia that is becoming a new frontier in the world of football. Zenit St.
Petersburg and Anzhi Makhachkala are among the clubs of the Russian Premier
League that are growing.

We cannot forget that Russia is preparing for the 2018
FIFA World Cup. It is hoped that when the Russian Football Union sits down and
choose their coach, that the person deserving of the job is Fabio Capello.

Video is courtesy of Live Sports Talk.