Arsenal is preparing to sign Juventus striker Fernando Llorente on a temporary basis. According to an article written by Wayne Veysey [Goal Chief Correspondent], Llorente would serve as back-up to Olivier Giroud  duing the second part of the current Premier League season.

Luis Herrera of Goal Spain advised in his column that Llorente would be making a mistake. Herrera states that Juventus and Arsenal are competing in the current UEFA Champions League [UCL] season.

According to Herrera, Llorente would be ineligible to participate in the current UCL with Arsenal. He participated in this event with Juventus and UEFA rules prohibit participation in two teams during one UCL season.

Herrera continued his comments by saying that a player takes time to get accustomed to a team after transfer. I agree with Herrera on the UCL season and getting used to a club.

It is not wise or great to change clubs within one year especially going from Athletic Club Bilbao to Juventus and Arsenal. The concept of changing clubs is not a game of musical chairs since there are different styles in each [club].

Llorente should learn from the experience of Fernando Torres who signed with Chelsea after playing for Liverpool in 2011. The result was a disaster with Torres being the object of scorn and ridicule [at times] at Chelsea and Spain.

The lesson to be learned is that experimentation may not help if something works.

You Tube Video courtesy of Fabius Krakkus