Fernando Torres has been dropped by Vicente De Bosque from the Spanish National Teams match against Venezuela next Wednesday. The news was reported by BBC Sports as doubts begin to cloud about the future of Torres in Chelsea.

De Bosque (Spain's National Coach) reiterated that Torres was dropped from contention against Venezuela because of his form. De Bosque denies that Torres may be dropped from participation in Euro 2012.

What has happened to Torres in the last year that sees him in this predicament? The year 2011 was the signing of Torres from Liverpool to Chelsea with a lot of money and publicity.

According to the BBC Sports online service, Chelsea made the mistake in signing Torres given the results. In the 2010-2011 EPL season, Torres scored one goal within 11 matches played.

Torres scored only four goals within 29 matches played during the current EPL season. If De Bosque drops Torres from a friendly against Venezuela, he will do the same in Euro 2012.

De Bosque is not going to risk Spain looking foolish in Venezuela and in Euro 2012 which will be played in Poland and the Ukraine.

The domino effect will have Torres eventually being dropped from Chelsea and signed with a minor league. The conclusion is that Torres may not have a future in football unless Anzhi Makhachkala is willing to sign him.