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Fernando Torres was linked with a possible move to Anzhi Makhachkala by ESPN FC. At the same time the Russian team’s manager Guus Hiddink denied any link with Torres.

There was a time when such a move would have been possible. It would have been better for Torres to find another club where he could hone his talents.

At the present time, Torres moving to Anzhi Makhachkala may be impossible for the following reasons. The reasons will be discussed along with a possible solution.


Torres is not the same player today he was during his time with Liverpool.

This reality takes into account that Torres has his brief moments of glory. One recent example was his goal in the UEFA Europa League match between the Blues and Steaua Bucuresti.

While Torres deserves credit for the goal, a second scoring attempt resulted in a misfire out of the crossbar. This has happened with Torres during his time with Chelsea.

Torres signed with Chelsea two years ago from Liverpool. The price of the deal between the two Premier League teams was £50 m or $75.7m.

The expectations were high for Torres and Stamford Bridge at that time. Unfortunately, Torres never lived up to the hype of two years ago.

The current record of Torres with Stamford Bridge leaves much to be desired. According to the Chelsea webpage, Torres scored 27 goals within 113 appearances since he joined Stamford Bridge.

While Torres went from one goal in the 2010/11 season, to 15 goals in the present season, it is not enough. Roman Abramovich, Chelsea’s managers, and supporters have bent over backwards hoping that Torres would score.

Torres may have been attempting to score or even thinking about it. The results in the majority of cases have been pathetic.

According to Simon Jones of The Daily Mail, the last time Torres scored for the Premier League was December 2012.


According to recent rumor, Torres rejected any move to Anzhi Makhachkala. The reasons (according to the same article in The Daily Mail) are a preference for Spain or Italy.


Torres does not want to leave Chelsea unless there is a better deal. Chelsea cannot rid itself of a problem it created.

Chelsea and Torres have a solution in Anzhi that must be used to the advantage/disadvantage of both,

The solution would be for Abramovich to tell Torres that he should leave Chelsea. If Abramovich can fire managers, he can do the same with players that do not produce.

Abramovich can sit down with Anzhi owner Suleyman Kerymov and strike a deal with him. Torres could be present in the deal and receive an offer to sign with the Russians.

Torres would have no alternative except to sign with Anzhi since Spain or Italy may not want him. It remains to be seen whether this will transpire or not.

The Torres in Chelsea saga continues with tragic results for both.