Fernando Torres has become a liability at Chelsea FC and should leave as soon as possible. Torres should be shown the way out if he fails to score a goal in the UEFA Champions League match between Chelsea and Bayern Leverkussen.

My reasons are based on two articles that I have read. The first one is published in Bleacher Report by Allan Jiang which talks about the Fernando Torres during his Chelsea stint.

The second article written by the Press Association and published by The Guardian concerning statements made by Torres about his Chelsea teammates.

I. Only One Goal In His Chelsea Career

I agree with Allan Jiang that Torres has become a liability when it comes to scoring goals. I am tempted to think that Torres has been suffering from an identity crisis in football/soccer.

Torres (regardless of the identity crisis) should have been able to score 30 goals since he arrived at Stamford Bridge. How can Daniel Sturridge score within 51 minutes of the start of his first season with Chelsea while Torres manages one goal in his career with Chelsea?

Sturridge was able to score even after serving a suspension with Torres being a one goal wonder kid. Juan Mata was able to score a goal for Chelsea within 34 minutes and Torres took an eternity of 14 games.

It is hoped that Torres can redeem himself in the UEFA Champions League match between Chelsea and Bayern Leverkussen by scoring one or two goals. My opinion is that it will not happen and Torres must leave as soon as possible.

II. Thou Shalt Not Speak Ill Of Your Team or Teammates

Torres has broken a sacred commandment in sports with his wimpish like comments about Chelsea and his teammates. The Guardian published an article about an interview that Torres gave to a Spanish language website which criticizes Chelsea and its team members.

The interview appeared either in the BBVA website or at The Copa website. I have another version of the interview written by me in Bleacher Report in which Torres praises FC Barcelona.

The English translation of the interview was published in the personal website of Fernando Torres. Chelsea is asking for the interview as well as the English translation in which Torres describes his teammates as "very slow".

I read all of the versions of the interview. The result is that my heart, mind, body, and soul have exploded with rage against Torres.

I support many clubs but one of my favorite Premier League clubs is Chelsea. I am ANGRY at Fernando Torres for bad mouthing one of my favorite clubs.

No player of supporter should ever speak ill of their team. A player or a supporter is supposed to show team loyalty until death or unless there is a big deception.

III. Conclusion

I am planning to see or read about Chelsea VS Leverkussen to see if Torres scores or not. I am hoping that Torres is thrown out of the club after the match or next January.

I disgaree with sending Torres to Anzhi Mackhachkala after January 2012. The best place for Torres would be Sibir Novosibirsk.