Chelsea FC left Bayern Leverkuseen scoreless in its initial UEFA Champions League match. The big story in this match was Fernando Torres as reported in The Telegraph.

While Torres did not score any goals, he was able to assist Juan Mata with one of the goals. Torres assisted Mata by penetrating the weak defense of Bayern Leverkussen and passing the ball to Mata.

The end result was that Mata scoring for the Blues. Before that event, I was writing off Torres in my articles for The Premier League Insider.

I am now thinking that maybe Torres might have received internal inspiration from the sports anthem "We Are The Champions" interpreted by Queen. The next possibility was that Torres decided to ignore the critics and start playing in the UEFA Champions League.

The scene of Torres assisting in a goal and Chelsea winning its first UEFA Champions League match is great news. My only desire is that Torres does not rest on this small moment of glory but builds his career from it.

I hope that Torres can finally muster the courage to score at least ten goals in this current Premier League and UEFA Champions League season. Torres will be receiving a reprieve from the underwriter but he has a long way to go.