Fernando Torres (Chelsea FC Striker) is going to receive a chance at redeeming himself to Stamford Bridge. The news was published in The Mirror while others commented about the possibilities of Torres proving his scoring skills.

The following are my predictions for what will happen in the UEFA Champions League and the results. The Fernando Torres saga is taking another unexpected turn.

I. What will happen at the UEFA Champions League

I do not think that Torres will score unless there is a last minute miracle. Torres had the opportunity to prove himself to Chelsea since arriving at the club in the beginning of 2011.

While others have scored many goals, Torres has scored only one miserable goal in his Chelsea career. The worst part of the scenario is that Chelsea paid a hefty amount of money to acquire Torres from Liverpool.

Torres has appeared in most of the matches (in my opinion) as someone staring into space. Torres will do the same thing again in the UEFA Champions League.

The result will be a public humiliation for Fernando Torres in the UEFA Champions League.

II. What Chelsea Can Do

Roman Abramovich and Andres Villas-Boas should find a way to gradually remove Torres out of Chelsea. I suggested a transfer of Torres to Sibir Nobosibirsk but another plan is on the horizons.

According to an article published on tribalfootball.com, AC Milan has expressed an interest in an exchange with Chelsea FC.

In the swap, Chelsea FC would release Fernando Torres to AC Milan in exchange for Alexandre Pato. The deal could be a win win situation for both teams.

III. Win Win for Chelsea FC and AC Milan

Alexandre Pato is one of the favorites of Villas-Boas for Chelsea. AC Milan can receive Torres and see if his fortunes improve in Italy.

IV. Conclusion

Fernando Torres can no longer remain in Chelsea since he is a liability.