Fernando Torres appears to be returning to Spain with a possible transfer to Valencia. According to Metro, Torres is being offered as part of an exchange with Roberto Soldado leaving for the Premier League or EPL.

The Premier League Insider has reported on the Fernando Torres saga and reiterates that the striker must leave Stamford Bridge. Torres has worn out his welcome with the club secondary to his inability to score goals consistently.

When Torres arrived at Stamford Bridge he was the object of praise. At the present time, he is a liability and an object of scorn secondary to inconsistency in scoring goals.

It is this inconsistency in goals that fuels the jeers, insults, and jokes that are in poor taste. This leads to a loss of pride and hope of even attempting to score.

The jeers are not limited to Chelsea supporters as witnessed at Sun Life Stadium in Miami, Florida a few months ago. When the announcer yelled out Fernando Torres when calling the team, many in the bleachers were making jokes about the striker.

All of the negative publicity in the end leads to a loss of dignity. It seems as though Torres is part of the comic section of Chelsea and he does not deserve it.

There are people who comment that Torres will be committing the same errors in another team. It is possible that this may occur but maybe Torres will find peace in Valencia.

He may not feel the pressure that is inherent in EPL clubs such as Chelsea. It may be clubs such as Valencia or any Spanish club that may help Torres recover his form.

This can result in a recovery of dignity and an eventual retirement based on a positive note. The decision has yet to be made by Torres, Chelsea, Valencia, or any other club.

The sooner this is done for Torres the better.


You Tube video of Fernando Torres at Sun Life Stadium in Miami Florida courtesy of Roberto Alvarez-Galloso