Fernando Torres may be part of a loan deal with AC Milan or may return to Liverpool. The news comes as a reaction to the declarations of Andres Villas-Boas, Chelsea manager that Torres is not for sale.

The latest in the Torres saga was published in Goal. The news is in contrast to what was published in The Premier League Insider concerning Torres being sold by Chelsea at half price for $31 Million.

At the same time, there is a Facebook page demaning a return of Torres to Liverpool. Eamonn Quinn and David Hendrick, of Bleacher Report have also published articles asking the question of Torres returning to Liverpool.

Malaga has entered the picture by offering $39 M which is a higher bid than what is offered by Chelsea. The Torres saga has become complicated as the parties involved are discussing the future of Torres.

What can be done to untangle this mess? The following scenarios can be entertained and the reasons.

1. Chelsea FC retains Fernando Torres until the Summer Transfer Window.

1. A. The idea is a dead one since Torres has only scored four goals during his time with Chelsea. He also played 13 matches before finally scoring his first goal. 

2. Liverpool buying back Torres.

2. A. The idea is a dead issue since Torres burned his bridges with Liverpool. The biggest example of bridge burning was the Torres insult towards Liverpool supporters after signing with Chelsea.

2. B. Torres said in an interview (concerning Chelsea) that he was in the "best club in the world". The interview was taken as an insult towards Liverpool and was in poor taste.

3. Malaga buys Torres for $39 M

3. A. Malaga (as well as Anzhi Makhachkala) may purchase Torres from Chelsea since they have the money to spend. While the purchase would have to be scrutinized under the UEFA Financial Fair Play act, this is a possibility for the time being.