FIFA declared its intentions to ban Carlos Tevez from International Football if there is proof of insubordination. Jim Boyce (FIFA Vice President) has made it clear that a ban would prevent future players from repeating the Carlos Tevez Act Of Treason behavior.

Pablo Zabaleta confirmed that Carlos Tevez told him that he (Tevez) did not want to play. The declarations by Zabaleta confirms an intentional act of sabotage and a breach of contract by Tevez.

The Premier League Insider and the underwriter have decided to express their solidarity with

Manchester City,

Roberto Mancini (Manchester City coach)

Jim Boyce  

Sheikh Mansour (Manchester City Owner)

Khaldoon Al-Mubarak (Manchester City Chairman) 

and FIFA in condemning the act of treason committed by Tevez.

The Premier League Insider is also expressing solidarity with the rest of the sports world and media in condemning the treason committed by Tevez against a club and sport that has given a lot to him without asking in return.

In other words, FIFA Banning Tevez for Life Is A GREAT Idea.