FIFA is planning to take tougher measures against racism and match fixing. Sepp Blatter, FIFA President met with his UEFA counterpart Michel Platini and the body’s Strategic Committee to discuss the subjects affecting football.

According to the AP report with an h/t to FIFA, sanctions to be considered may be relegation and deduction of points. It is expected that the proposals will be discussed in the FIFA Executive Committee and Congress.

The subjects of racism and match fixing can no longer be swept under the rug. Racism and Match Fixing is a two headed hydra monster damaging the beautiful game.

While FIFA and UEFA are doing the right thing, it is the responsibility of those who love football to combat racism and match fixing. The clubs, the players, the supporters, and the state are involved in this never ending battle.

The first thing that must occur is an investigation of racism and/or match fixing. It would be great to accumulate evidence in the process.

The rules that are in place must be enforced. The spectators who hear racial abuse must denounce it to the stadium authorities, clubs, and the police.

The authorities and clubs must take measures against those who racially abuse and fix matches. The punishment should be more than just relegation and deduction of points.

The punishment should be jail time, expulsion from the field and match. It would be a great idea to expel the spectator from the club.

The press can do more than just report the existence of racism and match fixing. It should include in its reports [if possible] the names of those who partake of the two headed hydra monster.

We who love the beautiful game must recognize that the battle is never ending. We cannot afford to let our guard down due to the existence of rules combating the two headed hydra monster.

It is important that we unite in this constant battle against racism and match fixing. When will we take the steps to unite against the two headed hydra monster?

It is hoped that this could be done the sooner the better.