During the Group A Match between Mexico and Cameroon, FIFA announced the 90 day suspension of Franz Beckenbauer from football related activities. The reason as reported by the BBC and The Guardian was the refusal by the German Astro to participate in the Qatar 2022 vote investigation directed by Michael Garcia.

The punishment is not enough given the depth and smell of corruption existing in FIFA. Beckenbauer with his refusal to cooperate with the investigator proves that he may have more to hide.

It is possible that he collaborated with FIFA President Sepp Blatter to deny England the 2018 World Cup and the USA the 2022 World Cup. What is needed is a permanent ban from FIFA and Football related activities on those who participated in the 2022 World Cup charade.

Beckenbauer along with Blatter and their cronies must be included in the lifetime ban. On a personal note, I once respected Beckenbauer from my time in Germany in the 1970’s as a preteen.

I admired him and Germany while listening to the Bundesliga programs transmitted by Deutsche Welle on shortwave radio. Beckenbauer started to crumble in my list of people when he admitted to seeing extraterrestrials who [according to him] challenged humans to a football match.

The result of this mess is that another idol has gone from the pedestal to the sewage in one second with the 2022 World Cup vote. It is a mess that needs to be cleaned out with the sewage wiped out taking into account its toxic stink.

It is hoped that FIFA expels those involved with the 2022 World Cup mess, do a revote, and award it to two countries that deserve it. The two countries are Australia and the United States of America.

If the 2018 vote encountered similar problems, England deserves a fair shot at hosting an event for the first time in more than five decades. This is not the case of favouritism for the West. This is the call for justice.